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Our Team

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Yansie Rolston PhD has a depth of experience and expertise in health equality development. In her quest for knowledge about the menopause she has travelled to the USA, South America, the Caribbean and Africa listening to the stories and experiences of the local people and medical practitioners.

Dr. Yansie Rolston

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"After recovering from chronic fatigue with the aid of functional nutrition and lifestyle intervention, I know that the majority of diseases, particularly those that occur during the menopausal phase in women, have an underlying cause.


Since 2016, I have felt compelled to raise awareness and inspire women to understand that our bodies can flourish with the right nourishment."

Pamela Windle

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A woman that has been through the torture of Menopause and wishes to share this personal knowledge.  Other interests include human nutrition, biomedical sciences and music.

Tashini Jones

Jacqueline A Hinds

Maureen Anderson

I’m Maureen Anderson, sister, mother, grandmother, and adult orphan. I’m both curious and passionate about people, families and how we relate and communicate our experiences.  I hold spaces for people to explore, learn and find solutions to their experiences of menopause.


Finally, I’m also a doggy mummy – my post-menopausal companion, Simba the Menopause Cavapoo!

Jacqueline is founder of Wilson Hinds Consulting Ltd, Founder and CEO of the Society of Emotional Intelligence International UK & Europe, as well as International Liaison for the Society of Emotional Intelligence International, USA, Managing Partner of Synergised Solutions Ltd.  


She is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach & Leadership Consultant with over 25 years of knowledge, skills, and expertise within the Human Resource Development arena.

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