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Promoting and Supporting Women going through the Menopause and Challenging current policy in Parliament

The APPG on Menopause was created by Parliamentarians to provide a platform to tackle the lack of understanding around Menopause amongst policymakers, the public and employers. The Group also provides a platform in the heart of Parliament that highlights the issues and challenges around Menopause that deserve attention, as well as acting as a forum for discussion.

Current Inquiry – Assessing the impacts of Menopause and the case for policy reform 

The APPG is currently undertaking an inquiry into the impacts of Menopause on women and families and the case for policy reform. The APPG will be producing a report setting out policy recommendations.

Scope of the inquiry

This inquiry will examine a wide-range of issues surrounding Menopause.

The inquiry will explore and assess current policy around Menopause in the workplace, amongst medical professionals and in education. The inquiry will also examine the impact Menopause is having on people’s daily lives and within society and families.

The APPG is seeking written submissions that address the following issues.

  • Evidence on current workplace attitudes, policy or initiatives towards Menopause and detail on further workplace action that should be taken

  • Information on current Menopause education in schools – how it works in practice and what more could be done to educate people on Menopause awareness

  • Information on how medical professionals and the NHS deal with Menopause in terms of treatment and the development of treatment. What specific policy change would better help the NHS treat women going through Menopause?

  • Detail on personal experiences of Menopause, the impact this may have had on daily activity and wider family impacts

  • Information on current products that are available for women going through Menopause and information on this market

  • Any further detail or suggested policy recommendations that the APPG should consider around Menopause.

This information, along with a number of evidence sessions that will be held from July 2021, will contribute to the APPG’s final recommendations for policy change around Menopause which will be presented to the Government.

Please email the Secretariat with any evidence and written responses – 

Please note: the call for evidence closed on September 30th 2021.

                    Upcoming Meetings

                  Menopause APPG Evidence Session 7 (Alternative Treatments): 31st March at 13:00

The Greene Climateric Scale

This Greene Climacteric Scale tracks a list of 21 menopause related symptoms (including some less well known ones). It is a handy guide to help you keep track of any hormone related symptoms during the menopause and perimenopause. It is what most GPs and doctors use so it's a good idea for you to use it yourself and if you have any concerns you can then show your completed chart to your GP.

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